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A Gardener's New Year's Resolutions

Gardeners are dreamers. They spend much of their time visualizing the shape and colors that are sure to come. They plan, sketch, list, shop, organize and arrange for the future. The New Year is the time to take stock of your garden and make choices as to what you might do differently in the coming year.

This is about looking out of the windows of your home and seeing color, shade, dappled sunlight, and wildlife, and, with luck, a few vegetables in the south forty. Forty feet, that is.

Here are a few of my own gardening resolutions this year and in years past.

  • I will plant fall bulbs before they begin sprouting.
  • I will label my bulbs with stakes when I plant them.
  • I will sprinkle wildflower seeds before the rains begin.
  • I will plant only drought tolerant plants (unless I see something too perfect for words).
  • I will not buy more plants than I can plant in the following week.
  • I will not go the nursery to buy more plants until all ones I have are in the soil.
  • I will not buy plants that I know nothing about.
  • I will read the label before buying and before planting.
  • I will pay cash for plants. All right then, I’ll pay off charges for plants on our credit card every month.
  • I will reduce the number of potted plants on my deck.
  • I will put plants that are presently in pots directly in the soil where they will be happier.
  • I will clean my birdbaths twice a week. I don’t even clean my own tub every day.
  • I will keep my hummingbird feeders full of nectar (unless they devour it in less than a week).
  • I will weed each week beginning in January to avoid the rush of spring growth. Remember, this is California!
  • I will ask for help lifting anything over forty pounds and for digging anything larger than a 2 gallon container.
  • I will plant new plants in holes only as deep as the depth of the potted roots. No need to dig to China.
  • As my plants grow and flourish, I will prune plants so that they do not smother surrounding ones. Wishful thinking.
  • I will tear out plants that have consistently done poorly in our climate.
  • I will not buy any more roses! If I slip up on this one, I’ll buy only those that are disease resistant.
  • I will take time to breath in the scents of the garden each and every day.

Here’s wishing you a lush, productive, and abundant New Year.

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