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Tulip, the Hen, is Back!

Ameruacana Hen Has Muffler & Beard

Tulip is a beautiful Ameraucana hen. Her long, dark legs and neck make her stand out. She has what is called a “muffler and beard” (fluffy feathers that surround her face). We are glad to say that she is back from her moulting experience.

Hen Stops Laying When Moulting

She has been the first hen to go through a moult and become a real “ugly duckling”. What a sight! No feathers on her neck, no wing feathers, and no tail feathers. Knowing she was not her pretty self, she became even shyer.

We’re glad to say that Tulip has become her old self again. Her tail feathers have grown back. Her wings have sufficient feathers to allow her to fly to the second ladder level, and her appetite for treats has returned. Best of all, she’s laying those beautiful green eggs again! Welcome back, Tulip.

2 comments to Tulip, the Hen, is Back!

  • Angela

    Hello! What a beauty your Tulip is! We just got chickens this week (unexpectedly! We found a coop we loved used on Craigslist, and it came with three 9 month-old hens.)

    Our Auracana has not laid any eggs in the 4 days we have had her, however, she is molting (feathers all over the run, and she’s covered in pinfeathers). I have read mixed reports as to whether hens stop laying while molting.

    How long did Tulip take to complete her molt? And how long was she not laying eggs?


  • Lee

    Hi! You’ll have a great time with your hens. Tulip molted early at about 9 mos. She took 2 mos. to complete her molt. Yours sounds like she is half-way there! Tulip is not the best of layers (maybe three per week). But they are pretty! She did not lay during her molt. Her feathers are beautiful now! I’ve read that early molters are usually not good layers but Sweetpea (BR) molted early and she lays almost every day! Good luck with your hens!

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