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People and Chickens-First Time Visitors

Brooke Petting Daisy


It’s really heart-warming to see folks visiting our chickens for the first time. Some have never seen a hen close-up. Some have never touched or held a chicken. People are amazed that the hens are “pretty”, that they have such distinct personalities, that some are shy and some are friendly, and that some are quiet and some rather loud and demanding.

Visitors from assisted living enjoy the chicks

Daisy, Sweetpea, and Rosie are not afraid of a stranger visit and will come right up to people of any age, checking pockets for treats. Tulip holds back until she is sure this unfamiliar person is not going to scoop her up, then joins in. The Wyandottes, Poppy and Petunia, stand back a few feet. If a hand goes out toward them they make a quick retreat. I must admit though, these two hens will squat for a good back scratch once in a while since we have no rooster to do it.

Children learn to move slowly around chickens.

Chickens are prey animals and always on the lookout for a predator that may snatch them up with jaws or claws. Survival instincts are sharp in chickens. They are alert to sounds coming from the nearby woods that I hardly notice. A vulture, hawk, crow, or noisy bluejay flying overhead has them running for cover. The term “he’s chicken” comes from the fact that hens have no defense except to run and hide. “Move slowly around the hens,” I tell first-time visiting children. As long as we move slowly among them, they enjoy our company.

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