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Hencam – Getting a Better Webcam View

Panasonic camera for Backyard Hencam

There are two Panasonic cameras on the hens. We’ve been working on moving the outdoor camera the last few days, trying to find the best view. The outside camera has been at one end of the run since we began this project. We mounted it about 4 feet off the ground and put a “hood” over it to protect it from the elements. What we’ve learned in the last four months, is that the hens prefer to hang out at the shady end of the run, which happens to be right under the camera! When you’ve come to Backyard Hencam to visit the chickens and the screen is empty, you’ve probably wondered, “Where are the chickens?” Well, they are, in fact, “chillin” under the camera and out of site!

New Location of Hencam

During the next week, we are going to mount the camera in different locations in the run so that you’ll be able to see the hens where they hang out during mid day. We know you want to see action, not just a blank screen.

There seems to be no place that will show you the entire coop. I told Don we could buy another camera and put one at each end. This didn’t go over too well. We had a hard time getting both cameras working on the website in the beginning so neither of us really can bear to think of adding a third.

We have moved the camera to the opposite side of the run to see how this works for viewing. We’re still experimenting. Let me know what you think!





5 comments to Hencam – Getting a Better Webcam View

  • Maryann Pratt

    Hi there,
    I love your site, no matter what the view!! Your gardens look lovely. We have alot in common. I am an avid gardner and have owned four buff orpington hens for this past year. I have often visited your site for advice and have learned alot from your articles. It’s been such a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lee

    Thank you Maryann for the compliments. In our climate, I spend most of my days outside and do love to garden. Don’t you love Buff Orpingtons? What sweet birds! In some flocks they get picked on because they are so docile. Ours is always shocked when she gets pecked, like “What’d you do that for?”

  • This theme is very nice, and quite different from the other one we’re using – what’s it called? But what I really wanted to know was how did you get the link from the camera to display on a page? I had a webcam too but haven’t figured out how to get it to display in a nice box on the page.

  • Lee

    The theme I use for Backyard Hencam is wordpress Aesthete. It was really designed for artists to display portfolios of their work. The designer is probably amused that it is being used as a chicken site! It’s name implies he meant if for something a little more sophisticated. I’ll get the information together on how the camera to website works. A little complicated for nontechnical people like me, but I have notes.

  • I would really appreciate any information you can supply on the camera to website, I’ll at least know I’m headed in the right direction. I’m no techie either…….

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