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April Gardening on the Central Coast

April Garden is Coming Alive!I first wrote this article for the SLO Master Gardeners “Question and Answer” column for The Tribune. I don’t make up this information and because I don’t have experience with planting in the warmer regions of the county, I used a handy little guide put together by the SLO Master Gardeners called “The Gardener’s Journal” to write accurately. You can buy this month-by-month guide to gardening by visiting the Master Gardener’s desk at 2156 Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo or calling 805 781-5939. I’m entering this revised piece in my blog because I think we can use a list of things to do in the garden during this busy time of year.

April is prime planting month throughout the county. Continue to plant cool season vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, snow peas, radishes and spinach and begin planting summer vegetables such as beans, corn, and summer squash. In warmer areas you can plant pumpkins and melons; seeds that need warmth to germinate.

Think color and plant perennials like: agapanthus, Japanese anemone, daylilies, chrysanthemums, coreopsis, dusty miller, Gaillardia, gazania, gerbera daisy, verbena and yarrow. Choose a pretty clematis while they are in bloom and a vibrant clivia for a shady corner.

In shady areas, plant annuals such as bedding begonias, caladium, coleus, and impatiens. For “fun in the sun” annuals, put out marigolds, petunias, phlox, verbena and zinnias.

Sub-tropicals such as Bougainvillea, gardenia, hibiscus, citrus, and avocadoes can be planted in light-frost areas. Potted roses are blooming now. Choose and plant a favorite.

Planting is fun but other chores should be done now to keep your garden looking sharp. Deadhead bulbs that have completed their bloom cycle and feed with a complete fertilizer. Leave foliage until brown. Divide cymbidiums. Feed bearded irises with high phosphorus and potassium food to encourage blooms. Citrus may be looking a little yellow. Feed them with a high nitrogen food to green them up. If citrus and ornamentals have yellowing leaves with green veins, feed with chelated iron.

Your garden is preparing to “turn up the volume” this month. Be sure the growing plants have the nourishment they need. Read labels and talk with experienced gardeners on the best fertilizer to use. A well-fed garden is a happy one!

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