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Berries ‘N’ Cream Climbing Rose Good Enough to Eat

Berries 'N' Cream reaches the top of the Arbor

Enjoying the early morning mist of early August, I think of how much pleasure my Berries ‘N’ Cream rose climber gives us. I see people drive by the house and point toward the arbor that my husband built between the house and the separate garage. They are looking at the lovely climber that has finally reached the cross pieces of the arbor top. Its bright-pink blossoms stand out against the green of the pines in the background. The climber will never stretch across the apex like a Cecil Brunner might, as it only grows to a height of roughly 10 feet. But the color…. oh the color!

Danish rose breeders selected the rose in the 1990’s for its vigorous growth, abundant foliage and unique deep pink and white striped flowers. The rose was originally registered in 1998 as ‘Poulclimb’, part of Poulsen Roser’s Courtyard Rose product collection. In the U.S. ‘Poulclimb’ was given the trademark name of Berries ‘N’ Cream.

The canes of the Berries ‘N’ Cream rose have few thorns and an abundance of deep green, glossy foliage. It would make an excellent fence cover as it has a spreading, climbing habit. It is only faintly fragrant in our cool climate.

The flowers of the Berries ‘N’ Cream open in repeated flushes throughout three seasons from early spring to late summer. The blossoms are bi-colored deep fuchsia pink and white in irregularly striped patterns. They are not recommended for cut flowers because of the multiple clusters of flowers on stem tips. But who needs cut flowers like these in the house when the bouquet of this climbing rose is out there for all to share.

I purchased the Berries ‘N’ Cream several years ago from Bay Laurel Nursery in Atascadero. I have not seen it there since. Perhaps if enough of us would like to order it, they will have it in stock this coming winter.


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