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Australian Labradoodle Puppies Are Here!

Country Matilda Lil Miss Q “Tillie”

Thought I had better explain why I have not been gardening or posting on my garden website. I’ve also ignored the hens a bit. You see, I’ve been helping our lovely labradoodle “Tillie” with her six puppies, born in our bedroom on October 21. The little beauties, three cream-colored and three chocolates have their eyes open now and are toddling, discovering the world around them.

We started out as simply lovers of Australian multi-generation labradoodles, not breeders. We were given two pups from a breeder on the condition that she would be allowed two litters from each of them in payment. This arrangement is termed “guardianship”. The conditions were that the breeder would breed each one of our girls to one of her beautiful studs. We would care for the pregnant girl until time for her to deliver the pups. The drawback we found; we couldn’t bear to give up one of our wonderful dogs while she gave birth and nursed her young. My husband and I decided we would like to do it ourselves. What an experience!

Tillie nurses her newborns.

Our girl Tillie was in the first stages of labor for 12 hours. She searched the garden for a private spot to make her den. She dug holes 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep while we followed her around with a flashlight to be sure she didn’t drop a puppy into them. She panted, she paced. If we sat, down she’d climbed onto us. When we crawled into bed at midnight, she crawled into bed with us. Finally, the last stages of labor began at 7:00 am. We put her in the whelping box that Don had built, and one by one over the next 4 hours, she delivered the most beautiful little chocolate and vanilla packages into her whelping bed.

For three weeks I’ve helped her watch over them. I try to go out into the garden each day to water, to rake, and to continue my fall clean-up. But my mind is on the little pups that will go off to their homes at 8 weeks. I can see their little personalities. I can see their gentleness and sweetness, like their mother, and I can see their fun-loving nature.

Tillie’s first litter.

The breeder does the business transaction for purchasing, but I would be happy to talk to you about the breed and these precious puppies if you are interested. The breeder has some beautiful pups non-shedding that are nearing the weaning age now. Email me for information on our pups and I’ll be happy to put you in contact with our breeder Country Labradoodles.

We call him “Star”

The sun is shining and it is another glorious day in Cambria. Time to get outdoors and see if it is too late to plant some winter greens.



2 comments to Australian Labradoodle Puppies Are Here!

  • Helen

    Cambria! My beloved Cambria. I’m so glad I found your blog. My in-laws lived in Cambria for 30 years and we love your town. We lost my mother-in-law, Charlotte MacLean, to cancer in April of this year and haven’t been back to visit since then. We’re planning a visit next month in late December. As a new chicken “Mom” and avid gardener, I have lots to learn from you! I’m so happy to have found you! :)

  • Lee

    Helen……What nice things to hear. I’m glad you can keep your connection to Cambria through my little blog. Did you come in December?
    I too became connected to Cambria through my parents who lived here for 35 years. It was such a wonderful place to bring my growing family to visit their grandparents. When it came time for Don and I to retire from the North Bay area we looked further north along the coast but weather was a consideration. The weather in Cambria is just about as good as it gets so we settled here 10 years ago. Good people too. We’ve never been sorry.
    Let me know how your chicken project goes. I’m down to only two hens from the 6 I had 5 years ago so am going to have to expand the flock a bit. I do love those fresh eggs!
    Thanks for contacting me.

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