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A Peacock Comes to Visit

Randy flares his beautiful tail to impress us.

Randy flares his beautiful tail to impress us.


We have a peacock, named Randy, that wanders through the little village of Cambria. He has been seen walking along Main Street and through various neighborhoods. Originally, Randy lived at Linn’s farmhouse, five miles out on Santa Rosa Creek Road; the place where they sell those wonderful ollaliberry pies. Now he is a wanderer, a vagabond that is probably looking for a mate (called peahen) as he calls out and flares his beautiful tail.

Peacocks, like “Randy”, with the blue heads and necks, were originally from India and Sri Lanka. They adapt well in captivity but are happier if they have a large area to wander.

They’re beautiful creatures. Somewhat noisy, however, so when I tire of him, I hope he will move on. I wonder what attracted him to my garden? Could it be that he thinks he would make a fine rooster for my two old hens and is stopping by for an interview?


Randy strolls up the front path.

Randy strolls up the front path.


A beautiful display.

A beautiful display.


"O.K., that's far enough!"

“O.K., that’s far enough!”



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