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Back In the Garden Again

Lee, wearing her brace, visits the nursery.

Lee, wearing her brace, visits the nursery.


I once wrote that I was a “Terrible Garden Blogger”. I was referring to the fact that I just couldn’t get into a daily or weekly routine but wrote a blog when I was inspired. When I broke my hip last February, I had no idea it would be 7 months before I would be able to get out into my garden again. I had to wait until a second hip surgery at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. But, now I’m back. I have to wear a brace to hold me in place and I’ve borrowed a sturdy “walker” to hang on to but at least I’m up on my feet again and it feels good.

I’m sure you’ve heard about our water problem in Cambria. The underground aquifer went dry after the busy Labor Day Weekend. The “Pinderado” fair and parade and car show drew lots of tourists and the hotels were full. Guess there were too many toilets flushed and the wells began going dry. The Cambria Community Services District called a meeting and passed a resolution that, until further notice, no landscape watering of any kind was allowed! Whaaat? People have really had to scramble to find tanks and water resources. Luckily, we have a tank that holds 1600 gallons of water from runoff from the roof. I’ve been using that to keep plants alive. It should last through October. Hopefully, we’ll get some early rain and it will fill up again.

Well, it’s good to be back with you. I’ll try to get back into a routine of writing of my experiences with my garden, my labradoodles, and my hens. I’ve missed blogging but find it uninteresting, unless I’ve got something to talk about! There is enough nonsense pollution in the world without me adding to it.

Our water tank holds 1600 gallons of rain water.

Our water tank holds 1600 gallons of rain water.

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