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Australian labradoodle puppies are here again!

Meet "Brown Sugar" at 3 days. Eat, sleep, love is her motto.

Meet “Brown Sugar” at 3 days. Eat, sleep, love is her motto.

Some of you who read my blog know that once and in a while I get “off subject” and leave gardening on the back burner. We have two lovable Australian labradoodles that we co-own with a breeder (Country Labradoodles). They bring great joy to our home. We are obligated to the breeder to breed them twice. Matilida “Tillie” gave birth to her second litter on Sunday night. A beautiful litter of seven, three girls and four boys, three carmel-colored, four chocolate.

The whole process of caring for these three-year-old dogs, watching them give birth, and then tend to the puppies, is really a fascinating process. The dogs have gone from puppies themselves to being great mothers. Tillie now knows from another room which puppy is calling, which is hungry, which just needs a lick and some reassurance. During these first few weeks, the humans only need change the bedding once a day, and make sure the mother has plenty of high-quality food, fresh water, and exercise. She does the rest.

Tillie's puppies at 1 week. From top to bottom: Beaux, Babe, Oliver, Tuxedo, India, China Doll, Brown Sugar.

Tillie’s puppies at 1 week. From top to bottom:
Beaux, Babe, Oliver, Tuxedo, India, China Doll, Brown Sugar.

We are handling the wee ones several times each day. We turn them on their backs, tickle their toes and hold them against our necks so they become accustomed to our scent. Their eyes are still sealed shut, and their ears are closed so essentially they are blind and deaf. Within a week, these will open up and they will see the world around them.

At eight weeks we will be searching for new homes for these pups. The breeder helps make a match. A few will be destined to become therapy and service dogs. Three pups from the previous litter are now serving in homes and schools. I’ll be keeping my eyes on ones that show special abilities and testing them for various traits. All those years as an educator is not wasted.

These dogs come from a long line of Australian labrodoodles, multi-generational non-shedders with calm, steady personalities. I feel honored to contribute my energy to these wonderful animals.

2 comments to Australian labradoodle puppies are here again!

  • Teri

    Is your brown sugar considered Red? Wavy or curly hair as an adult?
    How much will she weigh as an adult?
    Anything else u can tell me would be appreciated.
    Thank you. :)

  • Lee

    Awwww… sweet little Brown Sugar. She was sold and now lives in Newport Beach. We will be having puppies from the same parents sometime in the next year. I’ll post pictures when they arrive. As far as details of purchasing a puppy, Liz Ferris, the owner of Country Labradoodles does that part of the business. She has beautiful puppies from healthy breeders, some of them, like ours, are raised in homes so are given a good start. They make wonderful service dogs and therapy dogs. Please contact her if you are interested in an Australian Labradoodle at australian-labradoodles.com.

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