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Cambria’s Water Shortage No Small Deal

Agapanthus "Peter Pan"

Agapanthus “Peter Pan”

We. in Cambria, a little village on the ocean between S.F. and L.A. are experiencing a severe drought. Our water district board, the Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) has prohibited the use of potable (treated) water on our landscapes. Here is the notice we received:

“Effective immediately the CCSD is implementing the following mandatory conservation measures: RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF POTABLE WATER:

1) Outdoor watering of landscaping and gardens with potable water is prohibited. “This prohibition applies regardless of whether or not a particular customer uses less than the monthly use allotment.”(SEE BELOW FOR INFORMATION REAGRDING THE MONTHLY ALLOTMENT) Non-potable water is available free of charge from the CCSD. Customers are welcome to use this non-potable water to water their landscaping. Please contact the CCSD if you are interested in information on rebates for non-potable water tanks.

2) Guests in hotels, motels and other commercial lodging establishments shall be provided the option of not laundering towels and linens daily. The CCSD will provide lodging establishments with free notices to advise guests with this option. Businesses interested in receiving these notices should contact the CCSD immediately at (805) 927-6223 or stop by our office to receive these announcements.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree

3) Washing of vehicles, boats and trailers with potable water is prohibited. Please note that the car wash in Cambria uses reclaimed water.

4) Washing down sidewalks, driveways, streets, walkways, parking lots, windows, buildings, porches, or patios and all other hard surfaced areas by direct hosing or pressure washers with potable water is prohibited.

5) Emptying and refilling swimming pools and commercial spas is prohibited except to prevent structural damage and/or to provide for the public health and safety.

6) Effective February 3, 2014 the public restrooms will be closed until further notice. Our office will provide portable restrooms at both the Cornwall and Center St location.Effective March 1, 2014 the CCSD is also implementing the following mandatory conservation measures:

Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency Condition has been implemented. This resolution establishes that each residential customer account is allotted 2 units per month (4 units a billing period).

 Customers who do not meet the permanent resident requirements are allocated 4 units a billing period.

 Each residential customer account is allotted two units per month. Customers may request an increase in the allotment of units by completing a Permanent Resident Certification form. This form is enclosed for your convenience, and is also available on our website. (Example…a household of 2 permanent residents will be allocated 8 units per billing period.)

 A five hundred (500) percent surcharge (first violation) shall apply to all water use in excess of customer’s unit allotment.

Sweet Pea Bush

Sweet Pea Bush

 A one thousand (1000) percent surcharge (second violation) shall apply to all water use in excess of customer’s unit allotment.

 Subsequent violations shall be subject to a one thousand (1000) percent surcharge and a discontinuance of service.

 For reference: 1 unit (100 cubic feet) equals 748 gallons. Customers that own a licensed vacation rental may contact the CCSD to request free notices, advising guests of the enhanced water restrictions and provide conservation tips.

The CCSD Board of Directors and staff thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions we encourage you to contact the Administrative Office at (805) 927-6223.”

Gads, there goes my gardening plans for the coming year. And, without water, there goes my garden!

2 comments to Cambria’s Water Shortage No Small Deal

  • Rebecca Haughn

    You can still have your garden for a little while longer, you have plenty of sand there, so run your dish washing water through the sand or not and use it to water your garden. I did that one summer here in Ohio when it was really hot and it helped alot. Make what water you do get go even farther and work with what you have and your garden will love you for it. Good luck.

  • Lee

    Thanks for the encouragement, Rebecca. We’ve been saving household water for outdoor use and had a couple of inches of rain last week that helped. Still, only three inches all year!

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