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Labradoodle Playdate

We had four Australian labradoodles in our garden last week. They are such joyous dogs. Running through the garden, smelling all the animal scents left behind by native visitors. They stood staring through the fencing at the chickens. Yes, I kept the hens locked in. Then they collapsed in exhausting on the deck where we were enjoying a late afternoon glass of wine.

There are a few Australian labradoodles in Cambria from our breeder Elizabeth Ferris in Paso Robles, owner of Country Labradoodles. These are exceptional dogs and are often chosen as service or therapy dogs due to their calm temperament. Our two girls, Tillie and Maddie are bright, easy to train, and exceptional companions. Tillie is a “cafe” chocolate, almost what they call “lavender” and about 45 pounds. Maddie is a black medium-sized at about 35 pounds. They have had beautiful puppies all of them non-shedding.

From left to right: Mattie (at 16 weeks), Chloe, Tillie, and Maddie. All Australian Labradoodles.

From left to right: Mattie (at 16 weeks), Chloe, Tillie, and Maddie. All Australian Labradoodles.

One of the puppies, “Mattie”, a medium chocolate girl, was sold to a couple here in Cambria. She is a only 16 weeks old, a reddish brown with a white blaze on her chest. At last I get to see one of our puppies grow up here. While I’ve stayed in touch with many of the owners of our puppies, none have actually stayed locally. I’m having such fun seeing one actually growing and thriving.

In the pictures below, “Chloe”, a beautiful standard-sized labradoodle was included for the afternoon. What a gentle, fun girl. Chloe vacations regularly in Cambria from Southern California.

Learn more about our Australian Labradoodles here.

Four Australian Labradoodles resting after a playing in the garden.

Four Australian Labradoodles resting after a playing in the garden.

2 comments to Labradoodle Playdate

  • Beautiful dogs! I have a 16 week old Australian Labradoodle that I am raising here in Brisbane, Australia. As they say, ‘he’s full of beans.’ He’s very smart but he loves to play with my toddler which gets a bit crazy sometimes. I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog. Gardening and dogs…does it get much better than that?

  • Lee

    Thanks for responding to my post. So you have an Australian Labradoodle from the place they originated? Their history is really fascinating. People here still think of labradoodles as the “first generation” lab and poodle mix. Soooo different. You are way ahead of us there. Yes, I’m a lucky woman to have a garden, pups, and of course, a few hens running around my yard. You too are experiencing a time you’ll remember with a toddler, a puppy, and all that goes with it. Take time to enjoy. Lee

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