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Labradoodle puppies moved to garden room

Our 4-week-old puppies have been moved from our bedroom into our more spacious garden room. I’ve had no time to post pictures of Tillie’s new labradoodle puppies. December was a busy month for us. We met our new grandson, visiting from Alexandria Virginia. We had a wonderful month full of people, Scandinavian food, and puppies. I enjoyed decorating the house with candles, a Christmas tree, and boughs taken from branches of our redwood trees. Finally, some rain arrived to our drought-troubled village and things turned a vibrant green. Everyone was in a holiday spirit.

On 12/11 in the wee hours of the morning, Tillie’s third, and last litter of puppies began to arrive. The vet’s ultrasound in November showed seven puppies, and by noon, all seven had arrived. It was too late to dress up and go to a garden club party that I had looked forward to. I desparately needed some rest. Don and I had layed down for a short nap. When we awoke, we counted the puppies and one more little chocolate girl (we named her Pippa) was nestled with her brothers and sisters. Eight little puppies had been delivered safely, four boys and four girls, four creams, and four chocolates. This will be Tillie’s last litter and she will join her sister “in retirement”. Don and I will be available to take the “girls” for daily walks on Fiscallini Ranch and rides in the car. Cambria dogs are  the luckiest dogs in the world!

These puppies will be sold by breeder Liz Ferris whose kennel is located in Paso Robles. Several have been promised already. The puppies are really delightful. They seem to have Tillie’s steady disposition and Charlie’s happy personality. They will make wonderful non-shedding companion dogs and service dogs.

Update as of 5-6-2015: All puppy have adjusted to their new homes, several have graduated from obedience training. One puppy went to Utah, one went to Wyoming, the rest have settled in California.

Below are our pups at 4 weeks:

Lulu & Lacey

Cream Girls Lulu & Lacey


Girls Poppy and Pippa

Chocolate Girls Poppy and Pippa



Boys Leo & Lucky

Cream Boys Leo & Lucky



Chocolate Boys Porter & Puck

Chocolate Boys Porter & Puck







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