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Cambria’s Art and Wine Festival 2016

Come join us in Cambria for three days of wine tasting events.

Come join us in Cambria for three days of wine tasting events.


I know some of you come to my Central Coast Gardening blog to see what events are coming up in Cambria. Just letting you know that Cambria’s Art and Wine Festival is happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, January 29 – 31 in our little “Village by the Sea”.


For $30 you will be able to stroll and taste all three days and participate in three main pours in the Veterans Memorial Building, Cambria’s Center for the Arts, as well as the Saturday art show and Artist’s Faire. Sound like a nice weekend? What an excuse to come and enjoy Cambria.


While you’re here, drive around and take a look at the green hills and gardens.  Find out more about this upcoming event at:

Cambria Art & Wine Festival
January 29, 30 & 31
Cambria, California





4 comments to Cambria’s Art and Wine Festival 2016


    I ve been looking back over your articles and various comments over the past years and w/regards to the gorgeous labradoodles I am confused do you co own your girls or are you guardian owners ? is there a difference ? are there a lot of costs when you own a dog on these conditions ? ex costs involved w/breeding and costs involved w/Mom dogs to make certain they are health cleared before you breed them ? do you own a share in the puppies ? do you find the conditions hard to live upto considering these dogs are part of your family ? thank you I ve heard of these situations and you seem satisfied so I m just wondering is there any drawbacks ? I tend to be very protective of any dogs I have owned over the years and wonder if sharing a dog is workable ? you seem very happy with your arrangement ! ps your girls are beautiful as were their puppies !

  • Lee

    Hi Nancy,
    Every labradoodle breeder is different for the guardians arrangement. Essentially, guardians are yours to keep if you fulfill the agreement and allow the breeder to breed your girl a certain number of times (usually 2 or 3). You are not responsible for breeding expenses and the breeder takes your girl to whelp the puppies and keeps them until they are sold. You have to be able to give up your girl for a couple of months and then she is returned to you. You are responsible for the health of the mom between breedings.
    We became co-owners when we agreed to whelp and raise the puppies to 8 weeks. We shared expenses and received compensation for our work. Yes, it is work! For two months you seldom leave the puppies and mom. But what an experience! Most breeders do not make this arrangement (to co-own) but we worked with Liz (Elizabeth) Ferris at “Country Labradoodles” and it worked for us. Our girls are finished with the breeding and we are now their official owners.

  • Nancy Brown

    Gosh I thank you so much for your response I am technically challenged as my daughters keep telling me and here s the evidence proving them right I only just today navigated my way to find that you d responded and worse yet you did so immediately I m a total jerk as I did not know how to get back to this site(can t remember exactly how I even got here) that aside your answers are extremely insightful and as I ve spent the past 2 months researching any possible info I can find on different labradoodle owning situations I agree it seems to be a very personalized arena depending entirely upon the breeder owning any given dog Is there a way to contact you whereby we might have a private conversation via phone or email I have some questions that are a bit more specific in regards to breeders and dogs available ? Would be more comfortable speaking directly with you ( I may be uncomfortable only because of my limited knowledge involving comments,posts and responses on something I don t know enough to be able to share information that might be considered somewhat individual and somewhat more personal the last thing I want would be to offend anyone due to my lack of understanding exactly how these kind of sites work Again I truly apologize for my ignorance on the working of websites,chat rooms ,blogs etc My ph # is 775 636 2627 if you have a few minutes to spare or my email is Nancyvbrown14@yahoo.com Thank you for your time and consideration

  • Lee

    Hi Nancy,
    If you have a question about gardening, I suggest that you call the Master Gardeners UCCE in your area.

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