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• African daisies
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• Baby arugula
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Baked Custard – Using up All Those Eggs

Ingredients for egg custard

Ingredients for simple baked custard for 12 desserts.

People with hens have to be creative to use all the eggs that their hens produce in the spring. This late winter and spring, I actually had an excess of eggs. And that was when only three hens were laying. While I love giving eggs to […]

Happy Mother’s Day to Chicken Lovers


Happy Mothers Day to those of you who have mothered and will always mother, and who understand the maternal instincts that are so apparent in hens. It is really so touching.

I took this picture off the internet last year. I’d love to give credit to whoever took it and a hearty thanks for the […]

Tulip the Ameraucana Has Passed Away

Tulip - Ameraucana

Queen Tulip 2009-2012

Tulip, the Ameraucana, also called an Easter Egger because she lays green eggs, has been sick for six months now and passed away yesterday afternoon. She had what is called egg yolk peritonitis, also called “internal laying”. It is something that backyard hen owners struggle with because our hens provide us […]

Hens Need Their Nails Clipped

Nails of hen

Sweetpeas nails have grown too long.

Our hens needed a manicure. We have to clip the nails of our two labradoodles nearly every month. But with our hens, once a year does it. Living in the wild, chickens wear down their nails scratching in coarse dirt and even rocky soil. But our pampered hens […]

Chickens Clean Up Bugs and Snails

Hens searching for bugs.

Sweetpea and Tulip looking for bugs

We’ve been letting the hens out in the late mornings to scratch around and clean up snails and bugs. This is a good time of day for them to forage and free-range. After a morning run, the labradoodles sleep inside the house for a couple of hours and […]

Ameraucana (Easter Egger) Laying Shell-less Eggs

Shell-less egg and regular egg.

Have you noticed that Tulip, the Ameraucana (Easter Egger), has not been laying? We tally the number of eggs laid on the white board inside the coop at the end of each day. Tulip molted in October and never “started up” her laying routine again.

Tulip’s shell-less (or “rubber”) egg

Now she’s begun laying […]

Waiting for Eggs After a Molt

Hens eating from feeder

Hens rush to the feeder in the mornings.

It’s the last day of the year and I’m up before dawn in anticipation of a visit from my eldest son and his “lady friend”. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia, so we’re lucky to see him here on the West Coast once a year. My refrigerator […]

A Rooster Visit





We thought the girls might enjoy a visit from a rooster on this “Merriest of Eves”. Not so……They think he is a bit flashy for their taste. A real dandy!

As the saying goes, “Beware of roosters bearing gifts”.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and blessings in the coming year.


To Free Range or Not

Free ranging in the raspberries.

Hens Scratching Among the Raspberry Plants

I don’t let my hens free range. Free range means to forage in an area that is free of fences. I don’t even know of a place that is totally free of fences in Cambria. And if I did, I don’t think my hens would last a day. […]

No Roosters Needed

"Dudley" lives in Cambria and has spent years protecting his "girls".

“Dudley” lives in Cambria and has spent years protecting his “girls”.

I’d love to have a rooster. I’m an early riser so the crowing wouldn’t bother me. But then again, there are my neighbors to consider. There’s an ordinance in our community that allows to have up to 20 hens but no roosters. So […]