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• African daisies
• California Poppy
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• Narcissus
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• Mexican Sage
• Pride of Madera
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• Baby arugula
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• Rhubarb
• Parsley
• Strawberries


Success! Peeling Hard-boiled Fresh Eggs

Poke small hole in wide end og egg.

Love those fresh eggs but hate that they’re hard to peel?

Years ago, when we got the first six hens, we had more eggs than we could use. We ate quiche, scrambled eggs, omelets, egg casseroles and hard-cooked eggs. The beautiful eggs had dark golden yolks. Little works of arts. The only drawback was that […]

Baked Custard – Using up All Those Eggs

Ingredients for egg custard

Ingredients for simple baked custard for 12 desserts.

People with hens have to be creative to use all the eggs that their hens produce in the spring. This late winter and spring, I actually had an excess of eggs. And that was when only three hens were laying. While I love giving eggs to […]

Ameraucana (Easter Egger) Laying Shell-less Eggs

Shell-less egg and regular egg.

Have you noticed that Tulip, the Ameraucana (Easter Egger), has not been laying? We tally the number of eggs laid on the white board inside the coop at the end of each day. Tulip molted in October and never “started up” her laying routine again.

Tulip’s shell-less (or “rubber”) egg

Now she’s begun laying […]

Waiting for Eggs After a Molt

Hens eating from feeder

Hens rush to the feeder in the mornings.

It’s the last day of the year and I’m up before dawn in anticipation of a visit from my eldest son and his “lady friend”. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia, so we’re lucky to see him here on the West Coast once a year. My refrigerator […]

Whaaat Happened?-Tiny Egg

Tiny egg.

Don’s big hands dwarf the size of these large eggs. On this day, all five hens layed.

We are getting some beautiful eggs this winter. Daisy and Poppy are laying extra-large eggs nearly every day. I’m not in the egg-selling business so I don’t put pressure on the girls to lay every day. In […]

Egg Shells-Calcium for Hens


When our sweet Buff Orpington, Daisy, was sick last summer, I was given some very practical advice by Brigitte Kessler-lichtensteiger, a chicken rancher in southern Ontario (and cousin-by-marriage to my niece). She suggested that I save and dry egg shells left over from cooking, grind or smash them, and feed them back to the hens. […]

Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs-Hard to Peel

Fresh eggs hard to peel.

Adding salt and vinegar is supposed to make easier to peel.

Peeling a fresh, hard-boiled egg can be a frustrating experience. As most of you know, eggs from farms or backyard hens are exceptionally tasty but oh-so-hard-to-peel when hard-boiled. The shell sticks to the membrane inside the shell and, when peeled, a good deal […]