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Labradoodle Guardians

Country Lil Madelyn and Country Matilda Lil Miss Q

We are guardians of two darling Australian labradoodles. What does it mean to be a labradoodle guardian or provide a “care home”? It is a program developed by breeders to give their female and male breeding stock an opportunity to be raised and nurtured in a home environment rather than in a kennel. I think it is a good thing to do.

Australian labradoodles are exceptionally connected to their “human”. They were bred to be service and therapy dogs. They need to be with people. To raise them in a kennel may not be the way to go unless they have a very conscientious breeder that can give them personal attention.

I really wanted to own a couple of these dogs. We wanted clean (non-allergenic), sociable, and smart dogs. Australian labradoodles meet these criteria. Rescue was not an option because many breeders insist that the dog comes back to them if their owner cannot care for them. Their price is high (around $2500) and we hesitated. After talking to a breeder here in San Luis Obispo County, who had beautiful dogs with lineage directly from Australia, we became guardians of Matilda and Madelyn. The agreement is that each of these two females will be bred and will produce two litters if they meet all requirements. The puppies will be sold and the profit belongs to the breeder. The two females, of course, belong to us.

Maddie loves to run!

Our breeder will breed the dogs at around two years of age. About a week before the puppies are due, the girls will be taken to her where she delivers the pups and cares for mom and little ones until they are ready to go to their forever homes. The mamas will come back home to us. I’m not sure we can give up these sweet dogs for two months. We have talked to the breeder about having the puppies here at our home but it is still not agreed upon.

Tillie smells a gopher.

All breeders have different agreements. Some want more litters. Some want a deposit. Some want a deposit that will be returned or will give you a puppy when the agreement is fulfilled.

There is a certain amount of trust involved in this agreement. While a contract is signed, there is a need to work with the breeder on coordination of breeding and whelping. Good communication is involved.

The girls are nearly two years old now. They are ready to become mothers. They have been thoroughly x-rayed and tested. There is just one test to go. I think they will make wonderful moms. Can I let go of them when it is time for them to whelp? Not sure.