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• African daisies
• California Poppy
• Calendula
• Calla Lily
• Narcissus
• Lavander
• Ivy geranium
• Mexican Sage
• Pride of Madera
• Lantana
• Society garlic
• Wild geranium


• Baby arugula
• Onion and garlic greens
• Thyme
• Rhubarb
• Parsley
• Strawberries


A Scandinavian Christmas Feast

Sliced Beets Ready for Marinade

My family is of Scottish descent and my husband’s family is Norwegian. Given the choice between Scottish cuisine and Scandinavian, the Scandies win hands down. Many years ago, I had a Danish friend who kindly offered (because she was homesick for her family) to teach me how to put on a Danish Christmas. The combination […]