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• African daisies
• California Poppy
• Calendula
• Calla Lily
• Narcissus
• Lavander
• Ivy geranium
• Mexican Sage
• Pride of Madera
• Lantana
• Society garlic
• Wild geranium


• Baby arugula
• Onion and garlic greens
• Thyme
• Rhubarb
• Parsley
• Strawberries


Success! Peeling Hard-boiled Fresh Eggs

Poke small hole in wide end og egg.

Love those fresh eggs but hate that they’re hard to peel?

Years ago, when we got the first six hens, we had more eggs than we could use. We ate quiche, scrambled eggs, omelets, egg casseroles and hard-cooked eggs. The beautiful eggs had dark golden yolks. Little works of arts. The only drawback was that […]

Growing Lemons for Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

Growing Lemons in a Cool Climate

I wrote an article for The Cambrian published on April 15. It covered the growing of lemons and limes in our cool climate. Oranges and grapefruits need heat to sweeten. They are not good candidates for a coastal climate that seldom gets over 75 degrees. I also wrote […]