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• African daisies
• California Poppy
• Calendula
• Calla Lily
• Narcissus
• Lavander
• Ivy geranium
• Mexican Sage
• Pride of Madera
• Lantana
• Society garlic
• Wild geranium


• Baby arugula
• Onion and garlic greens
• Thyme
• Rhubarb
• Parsley
• Strawberries


Tulip is Back With Flock

Tulip taking a dust bath.

Tulip enjoys a dust bath.

Tulip is soooooo much better. We’ve put her back with her flock for a few hours each day. Today she laid her first egg since her injuries last week.

The first day that we put her in with the other hens, I waited to see if they began pecking […]

Ameraucana Hen Doing Well


“Queen Tulip” Sitting on Don’s Lap

Thought you’d like to know that Tulip is doing well in her cage in the garden shed. She was so depressed when she was being picked on in the chicken run, I was afraid she was just going to lie down and give up. Now she is talking […]

Daisy is Ill-Egg Broke Inside Her

Daisy in a soaking tub.

Daisy is Soaking in the Laundry Tub

Daisy had an egg break inside her and it has made her sick. It is hard to know what exactly caused this. Something has gone wrong with her “egg-making machine”. She was always a good layer. She was the first of our flock to begin laying eggs […]